FUSION Reciprocationg Commercial Condensing Units


On all models

  • R404A refrigeration

  • Robust weather resistant housing

  • Highly reliable hermetic compressor

  • Liquid receiver with fusible plug

  • Adjustable HP/LP pressure safety switch

  • Liquid line with sight glass and filter drier factory fitted

  • IP54 rated control panel

  • Noise data tested to ISO 3773-2 standard

  • Oil separator and check valve for low temperature models

  • CE marked

  • Polyurethane foam insulation for improved noise reduction

  • Externally mounted service valves for easy isolation and an extended tail for easy installation

  • Hexagon head screws and stainless steel washers for easy removal of access panels


On medium, large and twin fan models features include:

  • Magnetic contactor

  • Fan speed controller (optional)

  • Crankcase heater (optional)

  • Fitted compressor jacket for improved noise reduction

  • Isolator with integrated MCB for improved electrical layout

  • Medium temperature units can also operate on R134a if required