Chiller Bulletins

Service Bulletin

2023-12-18DRMSB23007 (R0) - Software Update - HXE Models Unit Control and HMI Software Version 11
2023-12-15DRMSB23006(R0) – Replacement and recall process for POL688 MT4 controller for UAA & UAM Models
2023-10-02DRMSB23005 (R0) - Software Update - ZUWV Model Series
2023-08-09DRMSB23002 (R1) - Compressor Oil Availability at DRM-SA
2023-03-30DRMSB23004(R0) - Software Update -UAM Version 51903118 (POL687) & UAM.C.23.01 (POL688)
2023-03-10DRMSB23001 (R0) - Software Update - ZUWV Model Series
2022-12-29DRMSB22005 (R0) - Software Update - HXE Models Unit Control and HMI Software Version 10
2022-11-10DRMSB22004 (R0) - Material Change Notice - UAA & UAM Main Controller
2022-11-09DRMSB22003 (R0) - Spare Part - Guide to Download Spare Part List from Website
2022-09-29DRMSB22002 (R0) - Service Offer - Magnetic Bearing Compressor repair and upgrade
2021-10-22DRMSB21009 (R0) - Software Update - HXET & HXEQ Liquid Line Main EXV Control Software
2021-08-06DRMSB21008 (R0) - Software Update - UAM Models Controller Software Version 51903117
2021-07-06DRMSB21006 (R0) - Material Change Notice - Phase Protector Change from ABB to Omron
2021-06-14DRMSB21005 (R0) - Service Field Alert - ZUWV Compressor Valve Connection & Parameter File Change
2021-05-05DRMSB21003 (R1) - Material Change Notice - UAA Magnetic Contactor Change from ABB to Siemens
2021-04-12DRMSB21004 (R0) - Service Field Alert - UAA Compressor Suction Port Insulation Removal
2021-02-05DRMSB21002 (R0) - Material Change Notice - ZUW ZUWY HMI Phased Out
2021-01-26DRMSB21001 (R0) - Setting Guideline - HXEV VC Wiring Connection
2020-08-28DRMSB20005 (R0) - Service Field Alert - ZUW Leak joint between pocket sensor discharge pipe
2020-08-26DRMSB20004 (R0) - Service Field Alert - HXEV Sweating Issue
2020-05-13DRMSB20001 (R0) - Setting Guideline - UAA Compressor Terminal Wiring Sequence
2020-04-29DRMSB20002 (R0) - Setting Guideline - CUWD Current Transformer