As one of the Air Conditioner Manufacturers, Daikin Refrigeration Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. is fully committed to apply Environmentally Friendly practices to reduce environmental impact by adhering to legal and other environmental requirements such as Green Heart Factory.

We emphasize the importance of environment protection to all our staff and continue deepen our understanding of environmental issues and take responsibility.

Greeny Green (2022)

Greeny Green is a project based on United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 13 (SDG 13): Climate Action collaborated with AIESEC in Johor Bahru to train DRM members to be more capable of taking action on environmental issues and having a more significant impact.

It is a 4-week project that provided the learning experience of practicing zero waste initiatives and playing a part in tackling climate change issues through the Kokedama Plant Making Workshop, Candle Making from Used Cooking Oil Workshop, and World Largest Lesson Webinar.

Jom Zero Waste (2021)

Jom Zero Waste is a 4-week project that addresses United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 12 (SDG 12): Responsible Consumption and Production in collaboration with AIESEC UPM. During the period of 4-week, 2 webinars (Plastic and Food Waste Reduction Webinars) and 2 workshops (Eco-brick and Food Composting and Eco-enzymes Making Workshops) were conducted.

We aimed to increase awareness of DRM members towards reducing preventable food waste, encouraging the full utilization of any food waste produced, and reducing plastic waste, which enabled us to contribute to DRM's vision of greenhouse gas emission reductions.

MIRACLE (2020)

MIRACLE has collaborated with AIESEC UPM supporting the 12th Sustainable Development Goal, Responsible Consumption, and Production among DRM members.

We aimed to create an impact towards SDG Target 12.5 - substantially reduce waste generation through prevention, reduction, recycling, and reuse, by providing a workshop on increasing awareness towards plastic waste and solving the plastic waste issue.

In this workshop, DRM members learn how to make Eco-Bricks from plastic waste that can be used to create furniture and other modular structures.