Daikin VRV AHU is DX system that is special designed to work with Daikin VRV outdoor unit. The VRV AHU is an inlet temperature control type DX AHU which enable users to reduce the maintenance costs and enjoy more space saving. It offer 2 series, standard series for indoor air cooling/heating and outdoor air series for fresh air cooling/heating.

From small to large commercial spaces, Daikin offers a range of R-410A inverter condensing units for use in conjunction with Air Handling Units (AHU) from 6HP to 60HP.” AHU provides large air volumes and high ESP (External Static Pressure) enabling the use of extensive ductworks. The refrigerant flows through the copper pipes using R-410A and operates like a large VRV fan coil unit.

Daikin AHU represents the ideal solution for large storage places, atrium, lobby, banquet halls, showrooms, exhibition halls, shopping malls, etc. It also has the options to customize the specifications such as the filtration type, direction of air in-take and discharge, service access door and blower type (backward or forward curves and plug fan).


  • Variable dimensioning cabinet sizing (100mm increment in height and width)

  • Painted cabinet

  • Variable base height (2″ – 8″)

  • Multiple section depth

  • Variable coil casing and drain pan material

  • Mixing boxes with low leakage damper

  • Different filter grade

  • Variable fan selection include forward/backward curved and airflow, belt/direct driven, plunum, EC fan & twin fans.

  • Comes with Motor Starter or Variable frequency drive (VFD) Starter

  • Electric heater

  • Humidifier

  • Sound attenuator/ silencer

  • Energy recovery section (Recovery wheel, heat pipe, plate heat exchanger)

  • Flexibility section for shipment