Double Skin Modular Air Handling Unit (DM AHU)


The Double Skin Modular Air Handling Unit is designed in accordance to BS EN1886 standard and certified by EUROVENT and AHRI 1350.  The cabinet is frame type and based on modular paneling concept for friendly access and maintenance. The air flow of AHU is within range of 1100 to 90,000 CMH and up to a total static pressure of 2000 Pa.

The AHU is constructed of high strength extruded Aluminum to form rigid frame. Besides, it is with thermal barrier feature which using three leg-fiber plastic corner pieces, 25 or 50 mm Polyurethane (PU) insulation panel and all frames are insulated with 3.0 mm PE foam to minimize energy heat loss and prevent condensation occurring. The external clip method to hold the double skin PU panel is easily accessible for maintenance while being air tight. The new thermal-break profile can perform better in terms of providing better insulation and energy saving.

Features & Customized Options

 Variable dimensioning features for flexible cabinet sizing (increment 100mm in height and width)
 External Galvanized and internal painted cabinet
 PUR insulation panel material
 Multiple section depth
 Variable coil casing and drain pan material
 Mixing boxes
 Low leakage damper
 Double sloped drain pan
 Different filter grade
 Variable fan selection include forward-curved, backward curved and airfoil, AC/EC plug fan
 Variable frequency drive / Frequency inverter (VFD) and thermistor
 Electric heater
 Ultra Violet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI)
 Energy Recovery Section ( Heat Recovery Wheel / Heat Pipe / Plated Heat Exchanger)
 Accessible and maintenance
 Flexibility section for shipment