Announcement: New Era as Daikin Refrigeration Malaysia (DRM)


Year 1977 O.Y.L. Industries Sdn. Bhd. entered into a technical assistance agreement with ACMA Electrical Industries Ltd (Singapore) to manufacture ACMA designed refrigerators and room air-conditioners. A marketing agreement was signed to form ACMA Electrical Ind. (M) Sdn. Bhd., a wholly owned subsidiary of ACMA Electrical Industries Ltd., to market ACMA products in Malaysia.
Year 1982 In December, O.Y.L. Industries Sdn. Bhd. acquired 100% of ACMA Electrical Ind. (M) Sdn. Bhd.’s equity.
Year 1984 The marketing operations of ACMA Electrical Ind. (M) Sdn . Bhd. was transfered to Razatec Sdn. Bhd.
Year 1987 O.Y.L. Industries Sdn. Bhd. started first production of chest freezers.
Year 1989 In November, ACMA Electrical Ind. (M) Sdn . Bhd. was changed to O.Y.L. Appliances Sdn. Bhd. In the same year, bought the current piece of 9.4 acres land in Banting, Malaysia.
Year 1990 In March, O.Y.L. Appliances Sdn. Bhd. took over the manufacturing of refrigerators and freezers from O.Y.L Industries Bhd.
In August, agreement was signed with ACMA Electrical Ltd. to buy over ACMA brand, market network and the manufacturing facilities which is to be transferred to the operation in Banting.
In December, construction on the new factory in Banting started.
Year 1991 In July, O.Y.L. Appliances was relocated to the new factory in Banting, Malaysia.
Year 1999 O.Y.L. Appliances have supply the first AHU to McQuay Singapore base on the McQuay LSL design.
Year 2000 In November, O.Y.L. Appliances have launched the new DM AHU which supply to McQuay and Acson distributors.
Year 2004 The name O.Y.L. Appliances Sdn. Bhd. was changed to J & E Hall Refrigeration Sdn. Bhd. on 11th March.
Year 2006 In March, J & E Hall Refrigeration have launched the budget e-AHU to capture the commercial application project.  In the same year, Daikin Japan have acquired 100% of O.Y.L. Industrial Bhd, thus the J & E Hall Refrigeration become the subsidiary of the Daikin Group.
Year 2015 The name J & E Hall Refrigeration Sdn. Bhd. was changed to Daikin Refrigeration Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. 197701003498 (34543-W) on 16th December 2015

We have changed the name that our companies were bearing for so long to reflect our affiliation to Daikin on 16th of December 2015. It is not about the name that we carry with us but rather the spirit, the culture and value that we have in us that make us outstanding. Now, we are truly a Daikin company that our customers will not have a second thought about it.